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Colti Mission Statement

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Posted 20 July 2013 - 08:29 AM


The Reason for this Message Board.

It has come to the notice of quite a few locksmiths that there are men and women coming into this trade, via short locksmith courses, changing lifestyles and starting new careers. They have not had the luxury of, nor are likely to obtain an apprenticeship under a Master Locksmith to learn the trade of Locksmithing in any true depth.

There are some good locksmith forums already out in cyber space, but to be accepted by them, you have to be a member of the MLA. We as a Team of experienced locksmiths have created a technical message board available to only trading locksmiths, to allow locksmiths (who do not belong to the MLA or other Locksmith Organisation) to inquire, find out a technical answer, and to enable them to learn more, also find other resources.

The Purpose for this Message Board.

It is the purpose of our knowledgeable and experienced Team of Advisors to help locksmiths to improve their skills, and thus attain a higher level of craftsmanship.

This is not a club, nor an association, nor a private group.

The Hopes for this Message Board.

Skill is handed from Master to Apprentice, from father to son. In our society we still learn from our forebears, the experience which each one of the COLTi Team has is already amazing, so it is the hope of this group of skilled men that by their passing on of advice, the locksmiths who are searching for help will come and glean information and little more wisdom to help them on their way. Their way to not only taking examinations for Master Qualifications, but to achieve true knowledge of this vast arena of trade, simply called Locksmithing.

It took an Apprentice at least 4 to 5 years to learn his trade [and longer], it is not possible that everything in this trade can be learnt in the short turn over a period of 2 days, 2 weeks, or even 2 months. Therefore it is our hope that locksmiths come here for the betterment of their knowledge.

The Team.

Please be prepared to provide us with Trading Details

when applying for membership.

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